Colour-ringed 1st Winter Gull

 This morning, 26 Oct 2015, Herakleion Harbour. CR1K white. Most probably 1st winter Baltic Gull.

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Undetermined December birds

 Possible Herring Gull from Kavala, north Greece, Aris Christidis

 1st winters Herakleio harbour...

Possible Taymyr Gull? Herakleio harbour...

The "leucistic" Gull again

For second year this partly leucistic male Heuglin's Gull (Larus heuglini heuglini or Larus fuscus heuglini) is at the harbour of Herakleion. But,unlikely the other members of its taxon, about 10 birds at least that are around the harbour, this individual is found always at the same location in the harbour and not with the other Gulls. I wonder if this behaviour is likely to found in cases of odd individuals like albinos. Or something else?

October 23, Gulls

Another good day. Stormy on Cretan Sea.

A "dirty" YLG , subadult:

 Another "dirty" YLG, adult:

A "blackish" LBBG, but most probably intermedius:

A subadult presumed Steppe Gull barabensis with YLG:

Immature case, 3rd winter YLG:

3rd winter most probably Armenian:

Unknown, probably CG, 1st winter:

Unknown, also probably CG, 1st winter with a most probably HG 1st winter on back:

Positive CG, 1st winter with a 3rd-winter YLG:

2nd winter HG:

Adult YLG with "dirty" legs:

A difficult 4th winter - with bright yellow legs, YLG?:

A YLG or something else? too much white on underwings, flesh colouring legs:

The same subadult Steppe Gull barabensis"

 HG, adult male with YLG:

Two cases of HGs the left is the same individual with above large male. The right is really small, female:

2nd -winter YLG:

And finally two pics of a 1st winter, most probably Armenian:

Wintering Gulls just arrived in harbour! 11 Oct 2012.

Caspian, Baltic, LBBG, Heuglin's and most probably Armenian are among them !
Today the birds were very nerved and it was difficult to take good pictures but i got a few!

A difficult gull (a) looks as CG but with lot of black underwing... in front of a Heuglin's:
 Another problematic one (b) comparing with YLG looks a bit more dark. Steppe or something else?:
 The (b) Gull alone, probably subadult:
 Larus heuglini:
 the (b) Gull with a most probably 1st w YLG:
 The (a) Gull:
 A 1st w (YLG I suppose) with a stick in mouth...
 Two Gulls, 1st w and 2nd w that I think are both Armenian Gulls:
 The 1st w Armenian like:
 The (a) Gull with heuglini and michahellis:

The 2nd w most probably Armenian Gull with an adult YLG.
 Heuglin's with a bird that I need to age and more! CG or YLG? :
 These 4 birds all different taxa? left the (b) possible Steppe, then 2nd w Armenian, CG and HG:
 The 2nd w Armenian:

A good start of winter season!